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Savoring God


Savoring God:
Praying With All Our Senses

Prayer can easily involve the ordinary things that we use and come across in our everyday lives.  Brief prayer exercises using all kinds of ordinary things, from car keys to tissues; from shoes to underwear; from a ring to a plant or flower.



Season of Promises


Season of Promises
Praying Through Advent With Julian of Norwich, Thomas a Kempis, Caryll Houselander, Thomas Merton, Brother Lawrence, Max Picard.
Top Seller!
The perfect collection of brief meditations to bring Advent alive one day at a time. One lively, inspiring little meditation for each day of Advent.  A bestseller.



Catholic Spiritual Classics


Catholic Spiritual Classics:
Introductions to Twleve Classics
of Christian Spirituality

The title says it all.  Each chaper is only six or seven pages long.



Catholic Is Wonderful


Catholic is Wonderful!
How to Make the Most of It

A little book about cultivating what’s special about belonging to the oldest institution in the western world.



The Joy of Being Catholic


The Joy of Being Catholic (New Revised Edition)

This is the book to read if you want to renew your gratitude for the gift of being Catholic, or–whether you’re Catholic or not–if you want to gain an appreciation for what being Catholic is about from the inside out.



Season of New Beginnings


Season of New Beginnings
Praying Through Lent With Saint Augustine of Hippo, Dorothy Day, John Henry Newman, Saint Teresa of Avila, Vincent van Gogh, Flannery O’Connor.

A bestselling collection of inspiring, fun-to-read meditations, one short one for each of the forty days of Lent.



For Men Only


For Men Only:
Strategies for Living Catholic

Many books on spirituality for men start with Jungian psychology, nature myths, or Old Testament figures.  This one insists that the best model for the faith and spirituality of men is the Jesus of the Gospels.



Prayer for People Who Think Too Much


Prayer for People
Who Think Too Much:

A Guide to Everyday, Anywhere Prayer From the World’s Faith Traditions

You can become a better Catholic–or whatever religious tradition you embrace–by learning from the wisdom available from religious traditions other than your own.  Insights from the great world religions to enrich your faith and spirituality.



You Are My Beloved


You Are My Beloved:
Meditations on the Steadfast Love of God

This is several months’ worth of brief daily reflections on how deeply God loves you.  It’s an important thing to never forget, and this book will help.



The Liturgy of Motherhood


The Liturgy of Motherhood:
Moments of Grace

Using the liturgical year as her framework, Kathy explores the spirituality of many kinds of mothers and the ways that various aspects of the Christian tradition shed light on the daily and unique holiness of motherhood.



Saint Anthony and Saint Jude


Saint Anthony and Saint Jude:
True Stories of Heavenly Help

A book full of true stories from many people who prayed to St. Anthony of Padua, the patron of finding lost objects, or St. Jude, the patron of hopeless situations, with remarkable and inspiring results.



What Faith Is Not


What Faith Is Not

“Faith” is one of those religious words that we use often without giving it much thought.  But what is faith, really?  A good way to learn what faith is–is to reflect on what faith is not.



101 Ways to Happiness


101 Ways to Happiness
Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul.
Top Seller!
One hundred one short essays, each one on a different way to be happy in ways that will nourish you on all levels of your being.



Whispers of God's Love


Whispers of God’s Love:
Touching the Lives of Loved Ones After Death

A remarkably high percentage of the population reports experiencing the presence of a loved one following his or her death.  Dozens of true stories, interspersed with reflections on the meaning of these astonishing events.



The Heart and Soul of Imitating Christ


The Heart and Soul
of Imitating Christ:

A Fresh Look at the Thomas B Kempis Classic

The most popular religious book ever, second only to the Bible, The Imitation of Christ is, all the same, easy to misunderstand.  Written in contemporary language, this is a re-presentation of the 14th-century original.



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