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The Gospel Truth

"This is Mitch Finley's best book. Believe it or not, I have read all of them. I was his publisher for a long time. He's the Real Thing. And this book, The Gospel Truth, takes into account the mad world we live in and the opportunity to see beneath those mad appearances to what really is: goodness, truth, love, beauty, peace, joy." - from an reader review by Michael Leach


the seeker's guide to being catholic

"In my journey to be a Catholic, I discovered Mitch Finley and read his book The Seeker's Guide to Being Catholic. I have purchased several copies to give to family and friends. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest books ever written about Catholics and the Catholic Church." - from an reader review


key moments in church history

Much wisdom and spiritual balance comes from reading Church history.  This book gives you an overview without trying to tell you everything.  You get the most significant events that continue to have an impact on Church life today.


whispers of god's love

A remarkably high percentage of the population reports experiencing the presence of a loved one following his or her death.  Dozens of true stories, interspersed with reflections on the meaning of these astonishing events. Used frequently in grief counseling. "This is a very touching and moving book - especially so if you have loved ones that have 'passed over to the other side.' You may need to keep a box of tissues near by when reading!" - from an reader review


season of new beginnings

A bestselling collection of inspiring, fun-to-read meditations, one short one for each of the forty days of Lent. Each day you get an intriguing quotation from one of the luminaries listed on the book cover (above), and that's followed by a reflection written by you-know-who . . .


the corporal and spiritual works of mercy

An informative, insightful, and inspiring look at the traditional works of mercy. Corporal: to feed the hungry; to give drink to the thirsty; to clothe the naked; to visit the imprisoned; to visit the sick; to bury the dead. Spiritual: to admonish the sinner; to instruct the ignorant; to counsel the doubtful; to comfort the sorrowful; to bear wrongs patiently; to forgive all injuries; to pray for the living and the dead.  "Great book and easy to understand.  Mr. Finley does a great job of explaining the corporal and spiritual works of mercy in a way that is very in-depth and understandable for the lay person or clergy." - from an reader review (For Holly Hoffman Thomas' excellent study guide for this book, look here.)


the true meaning of christmas

A seasonal favorite, this story of Santa Claus in his own words will delight children and grown-ups everywhere. Filled with magical star-dusted anecdotes and Santa's fond memories of the feast of light, this precious book is a reminder of the deeper meaning of Christmas and of the grandeur of those gifts that one can neither buy nor touch. Clement Clarke Moore's "T'was the Night Before Christmas," the story of the Grinch, a loving introduction to Mrs. Claus, and a retelling of the first crèche set up by St. Francis of Assisi are but a few of the delightful tales that radiate the spirit of wonder and kindness contained within these pages.


the heart and soul of imitating christ

"I often tried to read the original Imitation of Christ but felt it better suited to the monks of a monastery in Thomas á Kempis' time. Mitch Finley put it in words that I can relate to in my everyday life. It now has meaning for me, not just an old classic that got lost in ages past. He brushed off the cobwebs and let the Light shine forth. The Heart and Soul of Imitating Christ is a book that can be read and reread because it is in words I can relate to and shows how to know and live Christlike. I highly recommend it as a great way to meditate. It's like a breath of fresh air!" - from an reader review


the ten commandments

"I acquired this book because I wanted to learn more about the Ten Commandments in general. It took about 6 hours to read and I found it useful for my study. For the most part the author did a wonderful job with explaining the Ten Commandments and translating them to 21st century application . . . . Overall, a great book that served the purpose I was looking for.  I plan on reading more works by this author in the future." - from an reader review


it's not the same without you

"What a timely book! At a time when too many people keep repeating all the wrong reasons to leave or stay away from the Catholic Church, Mitch Finley offers a gentle and sensible invitation to come back.  What disaffected Catholic will not see herself or himself in this book?  And what thinking Catholic hasn't had similar problems with the Church?" - Paul Wilkes, author of The Seven Secrets of Successful Catholics
     "It's Not the Same Without You is an immensely valuable and overdue book, giving voice to the authentic concerns of those Catholics who've fallen away from Church practice.  It's a tonic against alienation and misunderstanding and a gracious prescription for healthy sacramental life." - Ron Hansen, author of A Stay Against Confusion: Essays on Faith and Fiction, Atticus, and Mariette in Ecstasy

the  saints speak to you today

The Saints want to have a word with you today. Wouldn't you love to have heard St. Francis of Assisi speak about the beauty of creation? Or to have listened to St. Teresa of Avila teach about prayer? Well, although we can't converse "live" with the saints, we can still hear from them. The wisdom of their sayings, preserved over the centuries, still inspires us. The Saints Speak to You Today offers 366--it includes one for the extra day that Leap Years bring--quotations from saints about a wide diversity of subjects essential to successful living. Nourish your mind with a word from St. Thérèse of Lisieux about doing everything with love or St. Thomas More on facing death courageously. Let the saints remind you every day of your high calling to love God and to love others.


A Man’s Guide to Being Catholic addresses this question with a direct yet open-minded viewpoint to the spiritual and sociological issues that face the sexes in our society, both in the world and in the church. With a no-nonsense approach, this book guides you on a journey of insight into what it means to be a Catholic man and how to maintain stability amid ongoing cultural evolution.
You will discover that there are unchanging ways of finding God, and that there is still a place for maleness and a male point of view… and the model for such a point of view is Jesus Christ.


Everybody Has a Guardian Angel

This warmhearted recollection of growing up Catholic is far more than mere nostalgia. It's a mixture of fond memories, gentle humor, and lasting gratitude for what the author learned in Catholic schools--simple yet profound lessons that gave him a solid foundation for living in times marked by turmoil and change.


the seeker's guide to saints

Did you ever wonder just what, exactly, this whole business of devotion and prayer to saints is all about for Catholics, and where it came from?  This is the book for you.  "The Seeker's Guide to Saints is a book that . . . all can not only enjoy reading but can profit from spiritually." - Fr. Joseph Fr. Girzone, author of The Joshua Series


the seven gifts of the holy spirit

A bestselling book that opens many doors on the meaning of the traditional gifts of the Spirit: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord. "I logged on Amazon to buy a copy of The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit after my father-in-law loaned it to me. By the end of the first chapter I felt that I needed to have my own copy: this is a book that I am going to go back to time and again." - from an reader review


what faith is not

"Faith" is one of those religious words that we use often without giving it much thought.  But what is faith, really?  A good way to learn what faith is--is to reflect on what faith is not.  "Author Mitch Finley . . . displays his theological and linguistic skill with his deep, soul-striking presentation of that which gives life and love true substance." - from an reader review


the joy of being a eucharistic minister

Available in English and Spanish editions, here's the perfect little book for anyone who serves in a parish as an extraordinary minister of holy Communion or who takes Communion to those who are confined to home, nursing home, or retirement center.  "This book will re-ignite the flame that should burn in the hearts of everyone who is blessed to participate in the joy that comes from distributing the Eucharist. As a Eucharistic Minister in a hospital and nursing home setting, this book taught me how important that ministry is, and just exactly what it is I represent to the patients. It has deepened my love for the Eucharist in ways I never anticipated. This is a book I will read over and over again!" - from an reader review


you are my beloved

Give yourself a daily reminder of the depth of God's love for you.  "Finley has a way of cutting to the heart of the matter. In . . . You Are My Beloved [he] focuses on the startling and still largely unaccepted claim that God is nothing but love . . . . Both accessible and grounded in the best of the theological tradition." - Most Rev. Robert Barron, STD - Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles


catholic spiritual classics

Five-page introductions to twelve classics of Catholic spiritual literature: Thomas à Kempis' The Imitation of Christ, Julian of Norwich's Showings, The Cloud of Unknowing (anonymous), the Writings of St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi, Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy, The Way of a Pilgrim (anonymous), St. Thèrése of Lisieux's The Story of a Soul, Caryll Houselander's The Reed of God, Butler's Lives of the Saints, Max Picard's The World of Silence, and Thomas Merton's New Seeds of Contemplation.  A great way to gain a general understanding of some classics and see which ones you would like to read in their entirety.


the catholic virtues

One page-turner chapter on each of the traditional virtues: Faith, Hope, Love, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, and Temperance, plus a concluding section on "Virtue in a Culture of Self-Indulgence."  "In this era of narcissism, it's good to read a book that encourages the basic virtues needed by a healthy society.  I sent the book to both my children for Christmas and they love it! Truly a book for our times." - from an reader review


let's begin with prayer

"This is the classic resource for High School ministry. Staff and students comment on the relevance of the prayers! A valuable and much-used book. Can't imagine going a week without using Let's Begin With Prayer. Thank you Mitch Finley."  "A wonderful variety of prayers for many occasions. I use it almost every day at school. The students like it so much that two of them requested copies for graduation presents." - from reader reviews


the people's catechism

We wrote Part Two of this summary of "Catholic Faith for Adults," on the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds. We're surprised at how frequently in our travels people mention having read this book and how they go back to it time after time. "This is an intense book! I personally felt a need to read it slowly over a long period of time as there was much to savor here. The subject matter also lends itself to discussion . . .  This book, like the Catechism of the Catholic Church, is divided into 4 sections: faith, sacraments, morals, and prayer. Each of the 4 sections is written by a different author (or team of authors) . . .  The essays are clear, contemporary, and meaningful." - from an reader review

Your one-stop guide to mary

"Not only Catholics but Christians are rediscovering Mary the mother of Jesus as a source of strength and inspiration. This interesting guide introduces them to Mary in the Bible, history, spirituality, liturgy, art and prayer. It inspires as well as informs. I've always appreciated the work of Mitch Finley and his newest book lives up to expectations. If you're looking for just one book to better understand Mary and why Catholics have looked up to her over the centuries, this is it."              - from an reader review


The Patron Saints Handbook

This delightful book looks at the occupations, groups, or causes with which 100 saints are associated. These are listed alphabetically and cross-indexed with a list of the saints featured in the book, making it easy to find either the saint or the cause. Each short selection describes the life of the saint and why he or she has been selected as a patron. "I enjoy reading it each day, sometimes in [the] morning when I have time; otherwise when I retire at night.  Puts you in a peaceful mode. . ."  - from an reader review


the joy of being catholic

This is the book to read if you want to renew your gratitude for the gift of being Catholic, or whether you're Catholic or not, if you want to gain an appreciation for what being Catholic is about from the inside out.


surprising mary

Guaranteed to give you new insights into and a new appreciation for devotion to the Blessed Mother and her place in a healthy, balanced, adult Christian spirituality. "A loving book about the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mitch Finley has a gift of writing with depth and writing with love. I recommend this to all who love Jesus Christ." - an reader review


101 ways to happiness

"I do not find self-help books very helpful. They are sometimes too tedious, boring jargon and ineffective suggestions. But I loved this book. It's easy to read and enjoyable. Simple suggestions explained with smart examples. Finley has a nice style of writing and most of what he says makes sense.  As you keep reading you know that what he talks of actually works, and you knew about it all along, and seeing it in print makes you think why you didn't go through it earlier.  A good read."  - from a Google: Books review


the joy of being a lector

The bestselling companion small book on how to be a highly effective lector in your parish, and it's available in English and Spanish editions.  "This small book provides a wealth of information for those preparing to become a lector or those who want a reminder of the myriad aspects of this important ministry. I found the message to be humble and centering." - from an reader review


season of promises

The perfect collection of brief meditations to bring Advent alive one day at a time. Each day of Adventpresents a brief thought from one of the spiritual guides listed on the book cover (above).  Each is then followed by a lively, inspiring meditation written by none other than Mitch Finley.  This is the kind of little book you'll return to year after year.


catholic is wonderful!

A little book about appreciating what's special about belonging to the oldest institution in the western world. A little literary celebration of being Catholic. 


christian families in the real world

This book first appeared in 1984. It was the first book to "unpack" the theological insight that the family, in its various forms, is the domestic church, the most basic unit of the Church. Subtitled "Reflections on a Spirituality for the Domestic Church," it won the Thomas More Medal "For a Distinguished Contribution to Catholic Literature." After two editions under the generic title, Building Christian Familiies, now with a new Preface and some minor revisions it's back in print under its original title, and it still answers, in practical terms, the question, "What does it mean to say that the family is the domestic church?"


prayer for people who think too much

Gain a wealth of insights into prayer from the world's faith traditions. "This book, which I first found several years ago, is a gift. If you are a thinking person who struggles with the complexities of the world in all its beauty and suffering and feel your mind bombarded by questions as you seek to move forward in your spiritual life, this is an open-minded and thoughtful work that helps you to know that you don't need to leave your intellect when you approach your altar or prayer rug. It also gives examples of practices that can enrich your meditative/prayer life and calm your mind to experience the divine."  - from an reader review


the rosary handbook, revised/updated edition

 A bestseller designed to awaken a renewed appreciation for the Rosary.  "...the best book on the Rosary that I have found in years of researching and learning." "Mitch Finley . . . explains what the Rosary is, how it developed, and its scriptural roots . . . .  It gets you started down the path without bogging you down, but still proves the point that contrary to common anti-Catholic misconceptions the Rosary is Christ-centered, Biblical, and ancient . . ."  "Great book."  "This book was amazing!!!"  "Love it."  "Great resource."  "Lovely."   - from reader reviews (First Edition)


saint anthony and saint jude

A book full of true stories from many people who prayed to St. Anthony of Padua, the patron of finding lost objects, or St. Jude, the patron of hopeless situations, with remarkable and inspiring results.